Geraldo Rivera: Bill Barr’s Absolutely Right, Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Care About Black Lives

‘They care about black lives that are killed by cops’


GERALDO: "I think it was right on, Bill. First of all, Bill Barr, the Attorney General, is my most favorite person in the Trump Administration. If the President had selected him initially, we never would’ve had the Russia hoax or the impeachment hoax. Too bad for us and for history. He’s absolutely right about Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black lives, they care about black lives that are killed by cops. The Attorney General suggested there are dozens of black men killed annually under controversial circumstances in their encounters with police. If that number is accurate, that's how many people were killed in Chicago last weekend, Bill. A dozen, 12 black people were killed by other black people last weekend in Chicago. One weekend. So where was the Black Lives Matter outrage? Where was the protest? Where were the, you know, the Democratic candidates, where were the activists who were so troubled by black lives like George Floyd."

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