CNN’s Cohen: ‘Why Does the President of the United States Want Americans to Die in Large Numbers?’

‘It makes no sense whatsoever’


COHEN: “I’m just going to be frank here. I have heard some people say, basically, well, it’s all old people, you know, they're at the end of their lives. That is not -- first of all, that’s a terrible thing to say and violates every ethical standard, but second of all, it is not just going to be 95-year-olds, it is going to be lots of people who would die if we just let this virus rip and didn’t wear masks and didn’t do social distancing and didn’t do anything. It would be our mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and friends and children who would be dying. Why would you want that? Why does the president of the United States want Americans to die in large numbers? Why does he want that? Why does he want his own people to die? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

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