Michael Cohen on His Time Working with Trump: ‘I Was a Sycophant’

‘He hasn’t put put a single bill that is bipartisan’


CAMEROTA: "Michael --"
COHEN: "And yet I don’t understand why 38 percent of this country still believes everything that Donald Trump says. It’s a lie."
CAMEROTA: "Well, I mean, Michael, you -- you of all people should understand it, because you were — I don’t know what the word is, seduced. You -- you were -- you were an ardent supporter of his. You did his bidding. You did -- you were his fixer. And so --"
COHEN: "Let’s call me what I was. Alisyn, let's call me what I was, I was a sycophant --"
COHEN: "-- just like what’s going on right now in this country."

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