Scarborough to Trump: Do You Really Want To Have One Super Spreader Event After Another

‘It’s just stupid!’


SCARBOROUGH: “The message that he is sending. He’s pushing to get college football back on the field. Yesterday we heard from the national champion coach, the coach from the national championship LSU Tigers, saying, basically, hey, everybody on my team has Coronavirus, now, sure, it’s not everybody on his team, but this is spreading like wildfire through a lot of college campuses and through this football team, it’s going to be interesting to see what the truth ends up being about LSU. But people see that, and they see the president getting angry and his answer on the Coronavirus is, let’s force young kids to go out and play college football. And again, it’s just stupid! It’s just —"
BRZEZINSKI: "It’s deadly."
SCARBOROUGH: "If you’re in Oshkosh and you’re seeing the president saying this and you’re like, OK, I like the Badgers, I like football, but do we really want to have one superspreader event after another?”

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