Huckabee: The Election Is Not About Tweeting, It’s About How Trump Could Bring Two Arab Nations to the Table

‘If you can’t celebrate the fact that you bring two Arab nations to the table... ‘


HUCKABEE: "And what we saw today on the lawn of the White House was a seminal event. And when Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, can’t celebrate it, my question to them is, what can you celebrate? If you can’t celebrate the fact that you bring two Arab nations to the table with the Israeli prime minister and the American president, and you start building trade and economic cooperation, and you resolve the fact of where the embassy is in the Golan Heights and respect for Judea and Samaria, and recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, if you can't celebrate that, what do you celebrate? Chaos, war, Iranians killing Americans through proxies? This is what people are going to be voting on in 49 days, Sean, they need to be very alert. This isn't about tweeting, this is about the future of not just America, but the world."

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