Terrell: Harris Should Be Ashamed for Herself For Not Visiting the Ambushed L.A. Officers

‘The Democrats are worried because the American public is rejecting crime’

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TERRELL: “I agree. It’s too little, too late. The American public gets it. What happened in Compton with those officers, dust token arrest and Lancaster in Pittsburgh, those are token arrests. Those trespassers, it’s like a parking ticket. The premise is this. The Democrats are worried because the American public is rejecting crime and it Donald Trump is supporting law and order so this is just a token response, too little, too late. At the Tide is turning in favor of the president and the Democrats know it. Let me tell you one other point. Kamala Harris, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you went to Jacob Blake’s family’s house, go to those officers houses right now and feel sympathetic for those two officers who got shot and ambushed. It’s outrageous that.”

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