Stephanopoulos Presses Trump on Disparaging Soldiers: ‘You Used Language Like That in the Past’

‘You said ‘John McCain was not a hero’’


STEPHANOPOULOS: "Mr. President, you have — you have used language like that in the past. You did say that John McCain wasn't a war hero. And notably silent in the wake of this article were General John Kelly, who was your chief of staff at the time; General James Mattis, who served as Defense Secretary for you has said you're —"
TRUMP: "They didn't hear me say that."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "They said you're — well, I'm getting to a broader point with the generals."
TRUMP: "Because I never said it."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "General Mattis said you're a divider; you're not trying to unite the country. General Kelly said he agreed with that. John Bolton, who was your national security advisor, said you're a danger to the country. The people in these top military positions who served most closely with you have said you're unfit for office. How do you respond to that?"

(ABC News)

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