Candace Owens on LeBron James’ Blacks Are Being ‘Hunted’ Tweet: Left’s Rhetoric that Escalated to Police Ambush

‘It’s an entire ecosystem of guilt’


OWENS: “I spoke out against this immediately, and that, think about that statement and what it sends out to what kind of a bat signal it sends out to black Americans and young black men come when someone of his caliber and his status as saying that we are literally being hunted. If you are literally being hunted, that would mean you either have to run to survive or, what we are seeing in L.A. Is a natural progression of the left increasingly deranged rhetoric. This criminal will eventually be brought to justice, it’s an entire ecosystem of guilt. S brought up the signal that it’s okay to be criminal, not okay to be a law enforcement officer. There are so many people involved that create a situation like the one that is playing out today in L.A. County.”

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