Dr. Siegel on Chinese Virologist’s Claim: I’m ‘Very Willing To Hear What She Has To Say’

‘I remain skeptical but I think she has great credentials’


SIEGEL: “It would be called COVID 2020 or COVID 2021 if it were up to the Chinese. So why would we believe anything coming out of China in terms of its origin? Suddenly we want to believe it came from a wet market or from a bat cave? Why would we believe anything we were told? And by the way, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield have great relationships with Chinese scientists and they assured us at the beginning that it wasn’t that transmissible, that only 85 percent of the time it was supposed to be mild. Then it traveled all the way to Europe and the President tried to block travel, travel into the United States and then the rest is the pandemic. So here’s the point. We can’t believe anything coming out of China, Tucker, and I’m very willing to listen very carefully to what this scientist has to say because it's a very suspicious situation, Tucker."

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