Jon Stewart Urges Congress To Help Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits

‘To put it simply, the bill says that if you were there you are covered’


STEWART: "Before we — you know, we’re hearing the stories now and it’s heartbreaking and we haven’t had any change. I want to make one thing clear, let’s be honest about what’s going to happen now. So we’re going to go to Congress and we’re going to try and put every congressperson, senator and representative on record if they’re okay with this and they’re all going to say the same thing, 'We don’t have the science.' So I would challenge each one of these congresspeople to go back to their district and say, 'We’re going to dig a 10 acre pit and we’re going to take all the garbage, hazardous materials and everything else from this town and we’re going to pour jet fuel on it and we’re going to light it in the center of the town,' and when your constituents come to you and say, 'What’s with this thick black acrid smoke?' Just say, 'I think it’s fine. We don’t have the science particularly.' They’re holding these veterans to a bar that nobody can meet. We know smoking causes lung cancer, but if you have lung cancer, you can’t actually prove that it was the smoke, and that’s the bar that they’re holding these veterans to and it’s unacceptable and the truth is it’s not about science, it’s about money.”

(Via the Hill)

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