David Jolly: ‘By Creating an Affinity’ with Dictators, Trump ‘Is Overlooking the Human Rights Atrocities’

‘Trump finds an affinity with some of world’s strongmen because he likes strong leadership’


JOLLY: “Donald Trump finds this affinity with some of the world’s strongmen because he likes strong leadership, and the notion that even as the ruler of a government he should be beyond being checked, right? That -- that is the whole purpose of the Congress, and he doesn’t think Congress should have that ability. But what he mistakes in strong leadership is that by creating an affinity with these other world leaders, he is not that he’s embracing but overlooking the human rights atrocities and abuses. If you think of a Kim Jong-Un or a Erdogan or an MBS and just consider during his administration what their regimes have engaged in, in -- in the realm of human rights abuses and dislocation of populations, that is where Donald Trump’s affinity with them is exactly antithetical to the U.S. message on the world stage.”

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