Joe Biden: Trump’s USMCA ‘Is Better Than NAFTA, But ...’

‘It is better than NAFTA. But look at what the overall trade policy has been, even with NAFTA?’


TAPPER: "He renegotiated NAFTA and you didn’t is the point."
BIDEN: "Because we had a Republican Congress that wouldn’t go along with us renegotiating it."
TAPPER: "But doesn’t he deserve some credit for that? It’s better, USMCA is better than NAFTA."
BIDEN: "It is better than NAFTA. But look what the overall trade policy has done even with NAFTA. We now have this gigantic deficit in trade with Mexico. Not because NAFTA wasn’t made better, because his overall trade policy and how he deals with it made everything worse."

( via RealClearPolitics

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