Chuck Schumer on GOP Stimulus Bill: ‘I Wouldn’t Call It Skinny,’ It’s Emaciated

‘Their old bill, which was about a trillion dollars, was skinny’


BERMAN: "[So the Senate] could vote by tomorrow on what is being called a skinny Coronavirus relief bill. It has almost no chance of becoming law and it comes more than a month after negotiations over the next installment of economic aid stalled in Congress. Joining us now is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer, thanks so much for being with us. This is being put forward by Mitch McConnell and there will be a vote presumably tomorrow. The bill includes an extension of the jobless benefits to $300 a week. It would forgive about $10 billion of loans to the postal service, tax credit for private and home schooling and liability protection for employers in Coronavirus-related lawsuits. It would not offer any aid to states. What is this bill missing?"
SCHUMER: "Well, there’s so much missing in the bill. I wouldn’t call it skinny, their old bill which was about a trillion dollars was skinny, this one is emaciated. It's about half of that. They keep the crisis and pain of the American people in the pandemic greater and greater and Republicans keep thinking smaller and smaller. And the reason is very simple. There are 20 Republicans in the Senate who want no money, so McConnell had to in a very cynical exercise put together something that would check the box. But left out so much.”

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