‘The Last Word’ Panel: GOP Responsible if Supreme Court Rules Against ObamaCare

Milbank: ‘The Supreme Court may be forcing Republicans in Congress to grow up and actually take responsibility here’

Panel on The Last Word: Republicans Responsible If Supreme Court Rules Against ObamaCare (NewsBusters)

Lawrence O’Donnell, along with the rest of the media, is pushing the idea that Republicans will be culpable if the Supreme Court rules against the legality of federal ObamaCare subsidies in King v. Burwell. On the June 17 edition of The Last Word, the host invited on the liberal trio of Ezra Klein, Dana Milbank, and Michael Tomasky to attack the Republicans for their irresponsibility and their supposed inability to come up with a replacement for the health care law. 

When O’Donnell wondered what “the state of play” was for House and Senate Republicans in terms of formulating a replacement for ObamaCare, Vox’s Ezra Klein claimed “the state of play is complete chaos and incoherence.” Klein added that the potential Republican plans make little sense because they “are trying to simultaneously fix ObamaCare and repeal it.” Klein argued that this dynamic “is the problem for the Republican Party right now and I think it speaks very clearly to the politics of ObamaCare.” 

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