Dem Rep. Schiff: ‘Russians Know that Coward … Donald Trump Will Never Call out Putin’

‘They can do whatever they want and Donald Trump is still going to blame China’


SCHIFF: "Well, I certainly share the concern. If you look at the 2016 election, it was decided by I think about 70,000 votes in three different states and given the size of the Russian operation, we’ll never be able to tell whether that interference was divisive in election that close. If this election is very close, then will these Russian efforts on social media through their overt media, through other modalities the Russians are using, could they be determinative, it’s certainly possible, which is all the more reason why we need to deter, disrupt and expose what the Russians are doing and why what the president is doing and Bill Barr is doing is so destructive of our democracy when they -- especially cover for the Russians because, you know, by misleading the United States and our citizens about China, China being a bigger threat to the elections, they’re basically giving Russia free rein because the Russians know that coward, Donald Trump, in the White House will never call out Putin. Bill Barr certainly won't. And therefore, they can do whatever they want and Donald Trump is still going to blame China."

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