New York Post Columnist: Biden Campaign Is on the Ropes in Most Swing States in Middle America

‘This is why you are seeing now Biden coming out of wait a basement, you know in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan’


DEVINE: "The internal polls are showing that the Biden campaign is on the ropes in most swing states in Middle America. This is why you are seeing now Biden coming out of the basement. You know, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, people are concerned because they are seeing this violence in the streets going from Molotov cocktails against police right down to harassing diners while they eat. And they are concerned that it’s going to come to a suburb near them. That’s not just a Trump talking point. You just have to look at the video and see that’s the case. This is like a cancer spreading across the country. And it’s a disaster for the Biden campaign. So you have to wonder, why are they not explicitly calling out BLM, Antifa? Why are they not condemning it and why are they not calling off their people? These are their people. In the minds of the voter, these are Democrat people. And so you just have to wonder."

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