Brian Stelter: Why Continue Acting Normal After Trump’s 20,000 ‘False and Misleading Claims’

‘This week, the lies continued’


STELTER: “The atlantic” brings the questions back to the forefront. Trump said Americans who died in war are losers and suckers. That’s the headline. The story is worse. Trump world denounced the story and many news outlets focused their follow-UPS on Trump’s denials. You see all those headlines. They led with the denials. Why? It’s easy to do. It’s kind of automatic to do in journalism. Why confer credibility where it doesn’t belong? I mean fool me once, shame on you, fool me 20,000 times and well, shame on all of us. Why keep acting like things are normal after 20,000 false and misleading claims. This week the lies continued, especially about Covid and ways that were disturbing. The president said hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 have declined radically over the past week. We wish. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? That’s not true.”

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