NYT’s Barro: White House Won’t Admit There’s Not Much They Can Do About ISIS

‘They don’t want to admit there is not a lot we can do about this problem right now’

“We’re having this very small war in Iraq right now. We really don't want to go back and have another big war there. And I feel like the White House is sort of figuring what’s the least we can do here in terms of putting American boots on the ground while looking like we are doing something about this. You can see that in that hearing. This is not a plan to defeat ISIS. Probably because there is no good plan for the United States to go in and defeat ISIS. So, I think it’s actually -- It is not just Congress. It is also the administration they don't want to admit, there is not a lot we can do about this problem right now. So each of them is trying to avoid, taking ownership of fixing the problem.”

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