Brian Stelter Urges Sources of Jeffrey Goldberg’s ‘Losers and Suckers‘ Story To Come Out

‘There are so many former Trump officials who are no longer in government’


STELTER: “That’s the thing about this — normally the denials from the president and his aides would carry some weight, but for three and a half years the White House squandered its credibility to the point where its words are essentially worthless, and the denials mean very little. Jeffrey Goldberg is the top editor of “The atlantic”. One of the most respected journalists in Washington. He has sources at high levels who have confided in him for years. This has to be taken seriously as your panel just said, and other outlets are starting to match this. I think, don, we have to keep the White House’s credible in mind when he cover this. But it is also incumbent on the sources, on the people that are talking to Goldberg, on the people that are talking to other outlets — the president’s denying it explicitly, so it’s put up or shut up time. It is September 3rd. The election is in two months. What are these figures doing where they are insisting on anonymity when we know so many people have already left the government? There are so many former Trump officials who are no longer in government.”

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