Tim Murtaugh: When Joe Biden Finally Addressed Rioters After Months of Silence, He Referred to Them as Peaceful Protesters

‘Joe Biden realized the American people can see’


MURTAUGH: “On the other side Joe Biden who spent months virtually saying nothing about the leftist violent mobs ravaging American cities. When he talked about them, he referred to them as peaceful protesters. He blamed law enforcement for ones that incited violence. Joe Biden realized the American people can see, they have been excusing behavior of the mobs and rioters because he is beholden to the anti-police, radical extremists who control him and the Democrat Party. So what happened? He finally had to make an above-ground excursion, come out of his basement, go to Pittsburgh to say this speech. Joe Biden had to say these words, he said do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?”

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