Jonathan Lemire: Trump Campaign Has ‘All But Written Off’ Winning Michigan

‘Michigan from day one was the one the Trump camp thought they’d have the hardest time keeping, and that has proven out’


LEMIRE: "And going into this race, Michigan from day one was the one that Trump camp thought they’d have the hardest time keeping, and that’s proven out. They've all but written it off, although they've started to play that again in the last couple of weeks, out of desperation if nothing else. But Pennsylvania was next. They felt pretty good about Wisconsin, but Pennsylvania, because of Joe Biden who is a Pennsylvania native, whose message was so well-tailored to the white working class voters and working class voters of color in the state, as well as obviously an effort to boost turnout among voters of color and in the cities. But so far Biden is up, but it's remained stubborn. And I should note, Joe, that since 2018, there’s been a real increase in Republican voter registration in Pennsylvania and the Trump campaign feels really good about that.”

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