MSNBC’s Johnson on Portland: Trump’s ‘Encouraging Terrorism ... He’s a Terrorist Sympathizer’

‘We have to point out that the president is a terrorist sympathizer’

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JOHNSON: “You know the Black Lives Matter protests you’ve seen? They are next to Target, it's 25 kids, you know, some parents, saying Black Lives Matter. You wave to them as you drive to work. That’s what it looks like for most people! It’s not Kenosha! It’s not Portland. So, we can’t let the president pretend that particular hotspots are indicative of how most people are experiencing human rights marches. Here’s the other thing — he is encouraging terrorism. Let’s be clear. The Proud Boys are terrorists. If you look at video from Portland, you don’t see Black Lives Matter protesters walking around with guns, walking around with paintballs, walking around with military equipment. That is what is happening with the fascists who are there, with the Proud Boys who are there, and way too many police officers are working with them. So, that’s what we have to point out, that the president is a terrorist sympathizer at this particular point while regular people are doing human rights marches and then trying to go back home and teaching their kids math because the wi-fi is bad in the house.”

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