Chris Rufo Asks Trump to Sign an Exec Order Abolishing Critical Race Theory Indoctrination in Gov’t

‘Critical race theory is now infiltrating into our scientific establishment’

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RUFO: “Critical race theory is now infiltrating into our scientific establishment. A few weeks ago, I released a story that critical race theorists at the national laboratory which creates our nuclear weapons, arsenal, sent their white male executors on a three day reeducation camp to deconstruct their white male culture and actually force them to write letters of apology to women and people of color. Whistle-blowers within the laboratories have now spoken out, but laboratory executives have dispatched counterintelligence schemes to quickly erase their Communication of silence and shut them down. And this is really the bottom line. There are some great people in D.C., such as senator Josh Hawley in Missouri, that are starting to push back, but conservatives need to wake up, that this is an existential threat in the United States, and that bureaucracy, even under the Trump Administration, is now being weaponized against core traditional American values.“

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