Fox News: Dem Operative Admits To Being a ‘Master at Fixing Ballots’

‘A reporter says the truth is chilling, abuse is easy and spread’


LEVENTHAL: “Tucker, as you said, Democrats have dismissed concerns about mail-in ballot fraud as overblown, but a reporter says the truth is chilling, abuse is easy as and spread. A democratic operative says he claims to have been fixing mail-in balloting for decades. He called himself a master at fixing ballots, telling the post, some methods are really simple, like sending a team into a neighborhood after ballots are mailed out and then knock on The Doors and convince people to hand them over. The operative claims a shocking number of people actually do that, and then they can just throughout the ballots cast for the other side. He says postal workers are sometimes in on the scam, tossing loads of ballots from areas known as her provident strongholds commit another method allegedly targets nursing homes.”

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