Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘We Will Never Do Any of These Lockdowns Again’

‘And I hear people say they’ll shut down the country, and honestly I cringe’


DeSANTIS: “It was a situation where we didn’t — we wanted restaurants, we had them doing certain things, so we said, ‘Look, if a pub does the same thing, what’s the problem?’ That wasn’t their business model and so we ended up having — it was an enforcement issue more than anything. But we are going to address that, we’re going to move with that. And then obviously we’re going to work on our three southern Florida counties, getting them here where we are in there. But that’s really the last piece of the puzzle and I think that that’s something that’s good. We gained jobs, 74,000 I think private sector jobs in July. Just imagine, if we had shut down the state we would have lost another 300,000 or 400,000 jobs. And so I think that we understand what we need to do, but we will never do any of these lockdowns again. And I hear people say they’ll shut down the country and, honestly, I cringe because we know places that have done that. The most draconian lockdown in the world has been Peru, military-enforced since March. They have the highest per capita mortality in the world from COVID. And at best, what a lockdown will do is delay. It does not reduce the ultimate mortality, but I think Dr. Alice would agree it creates a lot of other problems with mortality that a lot of — that a lot of people don’t necessarily focus on.”

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