Chris Wallace to Lara Trump: ‘Why Does the President Have Such a Problem with Women’ in the Polls?

‘Look at what he’s actually done for this country’


WALLACE: “I don’t think it’s that he has a problem with women. I think it’s way that he gets portrayed by the mainstream media. I think women specifically, you know, maybe don’t like everything he Tweets and they’re more inclined to tune in to the 92% negative media coverage of this president, but that is why, Chris, we have — at the campaign are doing everything we can to remind women, don’t think about what the president has said or the way he delivered the message specifically, look at what he has done for this country. We have bus tours going all across the country. We started about a month for Trump bus, bright Pink, you can’t miss it across the country and we are out talking about the results produced by the president because at the end of the day, you know, women want to know specifically that the opportunities are available for them.”

(Via Mediaite)

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