Benjamin Netanyahu Says the UAE-Israel Peace Deal Could Not Have Been Done Without the United States

‘Jared from the start, you said more countries want to make peace with Israel, you were dismissed, sometimes ridiculed’


NETANYAHU: "Yet we could not seal this historic deal with the Emirates and with the others that are in line without the tremendous support of our great and loyal friends from the United States of America. Jared, from the start you said that more countries would make peace with Israel. You were dismissed, sometimes ridiculed, scoffed at. Well, I'm glad — I'll be charitable — I'm glad that those critics have been proven wrong, dead wrong. It's true that some countries still hold out, making the perfunctory statements and supporting Palestinian demands, but we know that reality has changed because we have changed it, we are changing it as we speak. And I want to thank you for everything that you're doing in this regard."    

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