Jared Kushner: When President Trump Took Office, the Middle East Began To Become a More Secure place

‘When President Trump came into office, everything started to change very quickly’


KUSHNER: “One of the reasons why they thought it was so impossible is that if you go back three and a half years, when Donald Trump became president of the United States, Israel and the broader Middle East had very serious problems. Iran and its proxy malicious, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the different groups and militias they were finding in Syria and Iraq and also the Houthis in Yemen were basically flush with cash after $150 billion in sanctions relief was granted and a $1.5 billion in cash was delivered to them. They were also on a glide path to a nuclear weapon which would have meant permanent instability in this region and perhaps in the entire world. Syria and Iraq were totally destabilized and ISIS had a caliphate the size of Ohio. Christians were being killed, ethnic cleansing was occurring and American journalists were being beheaded. Israel’s relationship with America was at its lowest point in decades and the United Nations had just passed a disastrous resolution which put Israel at great risk.
When President Trump came into office, everything started to change very quickly. The first thing President Trump did was appoint an ambassador, Ambassador David Friedman, who will go down as the greatest American ambassador to Israel in history, and he has worked very, very hard to work with President Trump and our team to strengthen the bond between America and Israel.”

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