Dolezal on Blacks Upset with Her: ‘They Don’t Know Me’

‘They really don’t know what I’ve actually walked through and how hard it is’


HARRIS-PERRY: "You respond to my question, are your black, and your response is yes. There are listeners who are enraged." 
DOLEZAL: "That is true." 
HARRIS-PERRY: "Not confused. Enraged. And many of those listeners, many of those observers who are angry are black women. Can you understand that anger?" 
DOLEZAL: "Yes." 
HARRIS-PERRY: "And I would say stepping outside of myself, I would probably be enraged -- what the -- this person -- how dare she claim this. But they don't know me. They really don't know what I've actually walked through and how hard it is -- this has not been something that just is a casual, you know, come and go sort of identity, you know, or an identity crisis or something that's going to fade away and people have asked, so, you know, are you going to go back to being white or -- if you are rejected beity black community, what do you do? I'll be me. I'll be me because you know, I feel like at the same time I never want to be a liability to the cause. And I take that very seriously."

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