MSNBC’s Perry Bacon: ‘Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy Is Not Something to Brag About’

Matthews: ‘She never mentioned she was secretary of state’

MCPIKE: “Fast forward, you know, eight years she's had four years as secretary of state which is the single most qualifying credential that anyone could have. She could run on experience."

MATTHEWS: “Here's a good question, why doesn't she talk about it at all?”

BACON: “She didn’t talk about it.” [Crosstalk]

MATTHEWS: “Why didn’t she talk about – four years –“ [Crosstalk]

MCPIKE: “She didn't learn the lesson in total.”

MATTHEWS: “How come she never mentioned it?”

BACON: “In the last campaign.”

MATTHEWS: “This campaign. She’s never mentioned she's secretary of state over the weekend.”

BACON: “Oh, oh, because, well, two reasons. First of all, Democrats tend to care about the economy, Social Security and things like that more. Second of all, let's be blunt: the Obama/Clinton foreign policy is not something to brag about I would argue -- the growth of ISIS, the failures in Iraq. I don’t think -- I think in terms of you're Hillary Clinton running for president, talking about income inequality is an issue where you're winning on. Notice how much Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz talk about foreign policy. There's a weakness there.”

FINEMAN: “It's not only that. She wants to run as an outsider. She doesn't want to talk about Secretary of State or the White House or the Senate.”

MCPIKE: “It's a mistake. It's a mistake.”

FINEMAN: “She wants to talk about her mom and how she grew up.”

MATTHEWS: “And I'm a woman and you're not.”

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