Senator Tim Scott Says Trump Created Millions of Jobs and Lowered Unemployment Numbers for Blacks and Hispanics

‘We’ll focus on growth’

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SCOTT: "Well I’m excited about speaking tomorrow night. I’m expecting a fantastic conventional week long tomorrow night. I’ll focus on growth, hope, and opportunity. If you looked at last weeks democratic convention you left shaking your head, what do they believe in? What do they want? Other than defunding the police Medicare for all, raising taxes, we have no clue what they’re going to do with a $7 trillion ask. Here is what we’ll do. We’ll focus on growth. The Trump adminitration pre- Covid-19 created 7 million Jobs and they did it in an inclusive way, the lowest unemployment rate on record for African Americans, hispanics , Asians, 70 year low for women. If President Trump is re-elected and he will be, we can expect more growth, hope, when you think about kids born in poverty looking for choice, chance, there’s no question that educational choices, one of the fastest ways to level the playing field in America, and we’re going to talk about the importance of school choice and quality education in every corridor of this country and finally opportunity. The president and I worked hard on Opportunity Zones and produced $75 billion in the private sector for the most distressed communities. That’s a lot better than what the Democrats are proposing, more section 8 voucher, more government spending, a guarantee Ed position at the bottom of you vote for the Democrats an opportunity to reach your highest objectives , your highest dreams if you vote for the Republicans. It has never been more clear and more simple on why we should support the Republican ticket."

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