Mike Pence: It’s Amazing That Joe Biden Never Mentioned China in His Acceptance Speech

‘It’s amazing that Joe Biden never mentioned China in his entire speech last night’


PENCE: "The fact that you said earlier on that we don’t have a shared reality, Tony, what we have in this country is reality. It’s amazing that Joe Biden never mentioned China in his entire speech last night. I mean, he presided over decades in Washington, D.C., that resulted in an economic surrender to China. And remember, the Coronavirus came from China. And when President Trump suspended all travel from China in January to put the health of the American people first, even though China’s the second largest economy in the world, Joe Biden said that was xenophobic, essentially said it was racist for the President to suspend travel from China. The fact that Joe Biden never talked about the violence in the streets of our cities, there’s one reality, the American people are going to make their decision this fall based on that reality. And that’s why I think we’re going to win four more years for a president who has rebuilt our military, revived this economy, stood by law and order and stood by all of our most cherished liberties and stood up to China from the first day of this administration."

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