Al Sharpton: Biden Needs to Say to the Voters ‘I Am One of You and I Will Run for You’

‘Look at my story and look at Trump’s story’


SHARPTON: "Joe Biden needs to say that I understand more about the experiences of the broad base of Americans than my opponent and I understand that’s why we need to save this democracy, save people’s rights to vote that is eroding right before our very eyes. Save ourselves from outside enemy influence like Russia, which even a Senate committee came out this week with Republicans on the committee saying he does not need to be an electrifying speaker, he needs to electrify us about our own interests. It’s not about having somebody that is a superstar that we all gravitate to, it’s about somebody saying you've got to gravitate to saying you’re saying the country you believe in and your fore fathers fought for in different aspects of the country. If he can rally us around us he wins. And I think it would be a mistake to try to redo Joe Biden into this charismatic electrifying figure. He needs to say I’m running for you because I’m one of you. Look at my story and look at Trump’s story. Look at what he’s done. He’s about to rob you of all you’ve lived for, believed in and what your parents stood for and believed in. And that is why you need to go out there despite whatever impediments are put in the way and vote. No matter what he does find a way to vote. He needs to sell us to us tonight. And if he does that, then we will deliver him to the White House, I believe."

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