Tucker: A Yo-Yo Demonstration from ‘America’s Got Talent’ Outrated Jill Biden Last Night

‘Only Nicole Wallace wants to watch another speech by Dr. Jill Biden’


CARLSON: “The public certainly seems to have figured it out. Last night, the Democrats convention lost in the ratings to a variety show called “”America’s Got Talent”.” A pair of jugglers from the Philippines, brothers wearing glow-in-the-dark headbands did a yo-yo demonstration on stage and that out rated Dr. Jill Biden by a lot. I could’ve told you that was going to happen. Only Nicole Wallace wants to watch another speech by Dr. Jill Biden and by the way, what kind of doctor is she? Some of us aren’t feeling well. With the Democrats should have done is put the rest of their proceedings on TV. That would get an audience. You might not know this but most of the actual convention events take place during daytime hours. The networks don’t cover them, you have no idea they ever happen. There’s a reason for that, obviously, but what a loss for the viewing public.”

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