CNN: ‘Black People Do Not Get Treated the Same Way by Doctors’

‘Injustices in the health community still exist, black people do not get treated the same white people do by doctors to put it bluntly’


TAPPER: “Why have they had such a difficult time recruiting minorities?”
COHEN: "So, Jake, there is a really legacy of mistrust of the medical establishment, especially in the black community. The legacy of Tuskegee and other experiments is real. Black people were experimented on without their knowledge or consent. In the case of Tuskegee they had syphilis and were not treated for their syphilis. This ended in the ‘70s, the U.S. didn’t apologize for this until the late 1990s. That is very much front and center in people's minds, especially because injustices in the health community still exist, blacks do not get treated the same way as white people do by doctors, to put it bluntly. So that is making black people say, 'Wait a second, you want me to be an experiment, you want me to roll up my sleeve and get an experimental vaccine?' and the answer is often no.”

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