Tim Murtaugh: We Want To Make Sure That People See and Know About the ‘Radical Left Takeover’ of Joe Biden

‘We want to make sure that people see the agenda of Joe Biden’


MURTAUGHL “Certainly I think we will have more people see our content online then actually watch Joe Biden’s convention, the advertising real estate that were talking about is the biggest and the best on the entire Internet, we will take over the YouTube for four consecutive days, 96 hours of taking over the YouTube masthead and were doing on The Washington Post.com Wall Street journal, FoxNews.com as well, daily color and other websites and this is an unprecedented move because we want to make sure that people see the agenda of Joe Biden, the radical left takeover of Joe Biden is complete, that is the message we will send people as they watch the show business that Democrats are putting on to conceal Joe Biden’s agenda.”

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