Sanders on Trade Bill: ‘Silly’ for Congress To Vote for a Bill They Haven’t Seen

‘That is one of many reasons to be voting against this piece of legislation’

SANDERS: "Well, John, don’t you think it’s a little bit silly for members of Congress to be voting yes on a bill that they haven’t seen. That is one of many reasons to be voting against this piece of legislation. There is no question in my mind, and I think the minds of most Americans, that what our trade policy has been for many years is to allow corporate America to shut down plants in this country, move abroad, hire people at pennies an hour, and then bring their products back into the United States. It’s a failed trade policy. And I would hope that the secretary joins Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and the vast majority of Democrats in the Congress in saying, no, we have got to defeat this piece of legislation."

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