Barrasso: Dems Using Nuclear Option Is Sign of White House Desperation

‘The White House is desperate to do something. They did this deliberately’

BARRASSO: “Well, first I think it shows a sign of the desperation on the part of this White House and this Administration. The president's polling is at an all-time low. People think he's not trustworthy and they do think he's incompetent. So when you see that sort of polling, the White House is desperate to do something, they did this deliberately. And as that last report just showed, they are fairly convinced they're going to lose control of the Senate. So they want to force things through in the next year because we're focused on the 2014 elections because of the debacle of the Obama health care law, millions of people who've received cancellation notices, millions who can't keep their doctor, and the skyrocketing cost of insurance under this president's law.”

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