Mitchell on Biden Running Mate: ‘Only Way It Would Really Make History Is If It’s a Black Woman’

‘There have been women running mates before’


COONS: “Well, Joe’s got all the information he needs. He’s gotten all the input from the vetting teams and a chance to have conversations with the folks he’s most seriously considering. I don’t know who he’s going to choose, but I know that it’s coming very soon. This is one of the most consequential decisions former Vice President Biden will ever make, it will literally make history and change I believe not just the arc of this campaign but the trajectory of American history. Joe is the best possible candidate to be president and his running mate will play a critical part in shaping his administration and in how a Biden administration will respond to this pandemic, to the recession, to very real concerns about racial injustice and inequality. And I’m excited to stand alongside Vice President Biden as he makes this announcement, to stand by him virtually as he and his running mate are introduced to the country.”
MITCHELL: “You said it will make history. There have been women running mates before, Sarah Palin, Geraldine Ferraro. The only way it would really make history is if it is a black woman.”
COONS: “Well, Andrea, let me just say, I’m optimistic that he will make the right choose and choose from among a pool of very capable and talented potential running mates, someone who will really contribute to making history, by making great decisions and by being a strong and capable leader.”

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