Sanders: I’m Not Running Against Hillary; I’m Running to Take on the Billionaires

‘We have more problems today than at any time since 1929’

MITCHEL: "Bill Clinton said in an interview that nobody sought any favors, none of the donors to the family foundation. And he said, I don't think that Hillary Clinton either, as secretary of state, would know who those donors were. So he said basically there's no conflict of interest to worry about." 
SANDERS: "Andrea, here's the problem. It is that when you run for president today you need so much money that virtually all of the candidates have to reach out to very wealthy people. And it's not just Hillary Clinton. We don't talk about the role of the Koch brothers are playing. It's amazing how little discussion this is. These people, the second wealthiest family in America, are going to be spending more money in this this campaign than the Democrat party or Republican Party. They are major fossil fuel company. They want to end social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the environmental protection agency. Do you think we should be talking about their influence? So, I think the issue is that we need radical campaign finance reform to take big money out of politics. 
MITCHEL: "But is Bill Clinton correct when he says there isn't a conflict of interest between donors to family foundation and what she did as secretary of state, what she would do as president if she were nominated and elected?" 
SANDERS: "I have concerns about anybody who is dependent on huge campaign contributors. But you will have to ask Hillary Clinton for more details on that." 
MITCHEL: "Do you think there is a trust issue? Polls show that she is losing support of people, that more people now than -- don't -- they now think that she's not trustworthy [crosstalk] that she's upside-down in that?" 
SANDERS: "What I've said throughout this campaign is I'm not running against Hillary Clinton. I am running to take on a billionaire class which has enormous power, to make sure that every kid in this country, regardless of income, can get a college education; that we leave the world in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel and deal with climate change; that we, in fact, raise the minimum wage to a living wage. We have more problems today than at any time since 1929. Those are the issues that I'm addressing. The American people will have to decide how they feel about Hillary Clinton. I've known Hillary for 25 years. I'm not going to be waging personal attacks against her. We differ on issues and those are the areas I will be focusing on."

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