Chris Wallace to Marie Harf on Trump’s Covid Relief E.O.: Did Speaker Pelosi ‘Misplay’ This?

‘It seemed funny that they do not have an answer for where that money will come from’


WALLACE: “Chris: Did Nancy Pelosi miss play this, another Republican offer and what the president has done in these executive actions not nearly as much as you think the country needs, she still not getting the money for a lot of program she wanted and President Trump get some measure of credit for billing out millions of people.”

HARF: “What is so frustrating, the Democrats have a bill that we knew was coming the end of July. Mitch McConnell and the Republicans did not come through all of June and all of July until the 23rd hour, we knew these talks are going to be difficult, what we seem play out the last several weeks was put totally predictable. I think both sites need to compromise but it would’ve been much easier back in June after the Democrats passed something. Now you have a situation where President Trump is put forward executive action that will help some people to brutally but this does not go nearly far enough and hurts things like Social Security with cutting the Payroll Tax cut, I was interested with Steven mnuchin on that, it seemed funny that they do not have an answer for where that money will come from.”

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