Howard Kurtz: ‘Trump Team Is Setting the Bar So Low’ for Biden Debate Performance

‘The Trump team is setting the bar so low by suggesting he will have trouble getting on the stage and being coherent’


KURTZ: "First of all, the timing of the debate — first debate in late September is not that late by historical standards. Obviously, with early balloting, the President would love to debate early. But, you know, you have Elizabeth Drew, a veteran journalist, writing the other day in 'The New York Times' op-ed page that the debates don’t enlighten us at all. And now here's the tell. She goes on to slam Trump for ignorance and narcissism. So I think many of these people want to protect Biden because perhaps they’re worried he won’t do that well. People forget, in the Democratic debates, although he had some missteps and some off-nights, Joe Biden did do pretty well. And the Trump team is setting the bar so low by suggesting that, you know, he will have trouble just getting up on the stage and being coherent."

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