House Majority Whip on Mail-In Voting: ‘You Will Have Fraud in Almost Anything’

‘So you don’t get rid of an election when you find fraud’


CLYBURN: “So you don’t get rid of an election when you find fraud. You find fraud up in North Carolina. The President’s own party. The guy he endorsed committed a fraud, and he never took office, had to put the election off forever. We just heard out in the Midwest, another big fraudulent case, the President’s party. Both parties may be subjected to fraud, but we should not develop our entire approach to this election based upon the possibilities of fraud. Let’s put in place a kind of processes to protect that. We can do that. Congress is going to appropriate the necessary funds to have voting take place up to Election Day. Election Day is going to be November 3rd, there’s no reason why we can’t stop voting in earnest at the same time state start absentee and early voting.”

(Via Just the News)

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