Mark Levin: ‘Barack Obama Is a Pathological Liar’

‘[Obama is] one of the great reasons in this country where there is a huge racial divide’

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WATTERS: “I think they just destroyed the hearing process. You saw what they did with the impeachment process. It’s a nuclear war on everything yet they lecture us about the dignity of the office. This is Barack Obama who was at John Lewis’ funeral.”


OBAMA: “There are those in power doing their darnedest to discounsel people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive ideas and attack our voting rights with surgical precision. Even undermining the postal service in the run-up to the election. It will be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick.”


WATTERS: “This was a gross manipulation of a funeral to take aim at black voting rights. When all the president wants to do is make sure there is integrity in the election. I thought that’s what the Democrats wanted? And he said he wanted to go after the filibuster and nuke that, too.”

LEVIN: “I thought people weren’t allowed to have funerals. I thought there was a case brought to the Supreme Court where churches aren’t allows to have more than 10 people in their state and casinos can have 50. Barack Obama is a pathological liar. They are trying to set the stage. It’s a close election in one or two about there ground states that it’s systemic racism. No, not he vote counts. Er legal vote counts. If you are asking for I.D., it’s not a big deal. They needed I.D. To get into that church and attend that service. And so what, you have to actually vote. My problem is this. They are talking about maybe we have to put the vote off a little bit. He tried to poke them in the eye. It’s a legitimate question, I think. If Joe Biden is going to hide in the basement how are we supposed to vote even Election Day? Should we — should we all be hiding in the because itment? Whatever the Democrats want is because they are corrupt. They are tearing down and burning down every institutional aspect of this society. And they wanted to get rid of the Electoral College, too. I would say this to Barack Obama. You are one of the great reasons in this country where there is a huge racial divide. You could have been a great leader for people of all races. But you couldn’t put aside your community activism. I say this to him. Let Joe Biden run his own race.”

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