Gov. Whitmer: ‘Joe Biden’s Message Resonates with Michiganders’

‘We’re hardworking, good people who want competent governance’

WHITMER: "I think Joe Biden's message resonates with Michiganders. We're hardworking good people who want competent governance that looks out for us and keeps us safe. And Joe Biden offers the kind of steady ethical leadership that we're craving right now. And number two, the fact that they've announced that they're taking ads off makes me very suspicious. I've seen polls, they have him up double digits, I've seen polls that have it in single digits. The fact of the matter is, just by them announcing that, we know that the DeVos group here in Michigan is going to backfill that to some extent and so this is still going to be a competitive race. It is going to tighten up and no one should be taking Michigan for granted."

(via Twitter)

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