Bernard Kerik: Seattle Mayor Is ‘A Marxists,’ No Different Than NYC’s de Blasio Supporting Anarchist Groups

‘I don’t trust the governor, and I don’t trust the mayor of Portland’


KERIK: “Well, listen, these are pros. Black lives matter, it’s nothing but a black revolutionary group that’s enhanced by Antifa. These are pros that are out there. The Portland police, the local police have been stationed two doors away, two buildings away from the federal courthouse. They’ve been dying to get out there to remove the anarchists, to remove these terrorists, and the mayor of Portland and the governor of Portland would not let them out, would not let them assist, would not let them back up the federal government, the federal agents until thaw had this agreement. — they had this agreement. Now the state police are going to come in, they’re going to make an attempt to remove these people but, you know, I honestly — I don’t trust the governor, and I don’t trust the mayor of Portland.“

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