Joe: Jeb’s Campaign Is ‘Ill Defined and Mushy; I Don’t Even Know What the Message Is’

‘There is a long way to go, so we’ll see’

[rush transcript]

SCARBOROUGH: “I just -- for some reason, what applies to the Clintons does not apply to the Bushes. I don't quite understand it. You look at the polls. The Democrats want Hillary Clinton; Republicans very skeptical about picking another Bush.

BARNICLE: “Why are they so skeptical? I understand the ideology. I understand the ideology.”

SCARBOROUGH: “I don't know. I think it's early. I do think it's very early. And also, you’ve always got to put responsibility at the end of the day on the candidate. When you're Jeb, you've got to say, you've got to be far more aggressive about saying this is what we did in Florida. This is my conservative record. I was one of the most conservative governors in America. And, I’m going to bring that talent, being conservative ideologically and moderate temperamentally in the White House. And by the way, no, I am not (indecipherable), I am not going to scream and yell, I am not going to scare young kids and small pets. I’m going to actually win voters in the middle, who like conservatives but are put off by flame throwers. He needs to do a lot more of that. He hasn't launched this campaign yet. It is still June like he said. There’s a long way to go. So, we'll see. But right now it is ill defined and mushy. I don't even know what the message is.”

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