Sen. Schumer: ‘President Trump, the Election Will Be in November, on November 3rd’

‘Stop diverting attention President Trump’


SCHUMER: "First, on what President Trump said today, I know my colleague from Oregon brought it up, the idea — once again, all he wants to do is divert from his abject failure in the Coronavirus crisis. He says, 'Oh, well, maybe we won't have an election.' That's up to the Senate and the House. Mr. President, President Trump, the election will be on November — in November, on November 3rd, and you will not change it. Stop diverting attention, President Trump. That's what you've done for three months. As more people get sick, as more people get unemployed, as we see the numbers we saw today, instead of focusing on all these crazy, egotistical and wrongheaded ideas, focus on COVID, focus on testing, focus on unemployment, focus on getting the kids back to school. Focus on the so many problems we face and understand the moment and the largeness of this crisis.”

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