Jesse Watters Slams Democrats in Barr Hearing

‘They just wanted to cancel Bill Barr’


WATTERS: “This was not a hearing. This was a cancellation. They just wanted to cancel Bill Barr. They were not interested in hearing or listening to anything he had to say because they know he’s armed with facts. He’s calm, cool and collected and they’re just angry. They’re furious. They look unserious, they look unprofessional. And they’re just screaming at him, and it's just kind of bad energy tied up from him turning the tables with the Russia hoax and him defending Donald Trump because Donald Trump, love him or hate him, he’s still acting within the boundaries of executive power, and he is not the wing man of the President as Eric Holder said he was of Barack Obama. He’s upholding the rule of law. And really, that’s the problem with the Democrats. They do not want the rule of law upheld.”

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