Marc Thiessen: Biden’s Mental Decline Is a Campaign Issue, But Trump Should Stop Mocking Him

‘Trump should not be mocking him for it’


THIESSEN: "Joe Biden's mental decline is obviously a campaign issue. I mean, any time he comes out of the basement he produces this incomprehensible word salad. He is forgetting what state he’s in, he's forgetting what office he’s running for. That’s why he’s hiding in his basement. But Trump should not be mocking him for it in the way he was until a few days ago, and there's two reasons for that. One is that it's lowering the bar for the debates. You know, usually what you do with your opponent is raise the expectation for their debate performance. By mocking his mental acuity, Trump is basically — if Biden strings together a few coherent sentences, he wins. And second is seniors. You know, seniors, Trump is struggling with seniors in a lot of the key swing states, and seniors don't like to see somebody mocking an older person for their mental challenges because many of them are dealing with struggling with losing their memory or have loved ones who have struggled with memory loss and dementia, and so they — even if they are concerned about Joe Biden’s having the nuclear codes, they don’t want to see the President mocking him for it. So I think he needs to, one, just let Joe Biden make the case, make the issue for him by speaking. He will have lots of opportunities to speak, he'll have at least three presidential debates, he will make mental errors. Let him make those mental errors.” 

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